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Coating in Ireland

Look around, chances are that you are using products with coatings right now!

Think about the possible anti-ice coating on your windscreen. Or the invisible anti corrosion coating on traffic signs when you were driving towards your work in Dublin today, talking about driving: Do you already know how much it cost to powder coat your car rims these days? We do! =) Coatings are everywhere in our lives and with the technology it contains, we can’t live without it! On Coatings.ie we want to provide you up to date information about every coating and paint you can get in Ireland and offer a free service to help you get the best quote for your coating project in Ireland!

We go into great depth and try to cover all topics , so we will cover as mentioned above ‘ the powder coating of car rims‘ but also the ‘advanced stealth coating used in the defense industry

Most read and requested coatings

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an orange Lamborghini with car coating on the paint
roof coating Ireland
Applying white wood coating on a timber surface
Interior wall coating ireland on a concrete wall

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Coating Resources

We think the following source can help as well:

  • IDSCA (Irish Decorative Surface Coatings Association)