Anti pee coating prevents public urination

Prevent public urination in Ireland with Anti Pee Coating

As public urination is becoming an ever-greater problem in Ireland, more and more solutions are developed. Not only is urination a problem in cities like Dublin and Cork,  but also in residential areas where night time passers-by search for relief next to buildings, lampposts and trees. Anti-pee coating, Anti urine paint, Pee Back coating or Pee Proof paint is essentially a hydrophobic coating that repels urine and other liquids. Not only does it prevent the urine from adhering to the surface, but it also splashes it back towards the culprit.

Anti-Pee paint fights the urination problem and contributes to common welfare by:

  • Preventing the urine from soaking into substrates;
  • Reducing offensive stains;
  • Warding off foul odours;
  • Limiting the risk of spreading diseases.

The Hydrophobic and Oleophobic technology that “Pees Back”

Nanotechnology is the reason why anti pee paint works so well against liquids that it even reflects the urine back. Due to this nanotechnology Anti Urine Paint is Hydrophobic and Oleophobic:

  • Hydrophobic literally means “afraid of water”; it repels liquids.
  • Oleophobic, means “afraid of oils”; it repels liquids that contain oils.

Because of this it can also be used to effectively prevent damage to walls or other structures due to oil spills, acid rain or other weather conditions.

Pee proof paint for wood, metal and other substrates

anti-pee paint

A comparison of substrate without anti pee coating (left) and with the coating (right).

Anti urine paints are applicable on a wide range of surfaces like:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Bricks

Where to buy Anti Pee Coating in Ireland

Here are a few examples of Anti Pee Coating distributors. Keep in mind that this innovative nano coating is rather new and may not yet be widely available in Ireland yet. Contact us if you need any help selecting the right coating company. We have Peeback coating partners that ship internationally. 

Ultra Ever Dry Anti pee paint primer for Ultra Ever Dry top coat (poreus substrates) €85 per litre
Ultra Ever Dry Anti pee paint €150 per litre
Orange PeeBack Urine repellent paint €60 per litre

*Note that the prices above are merely indications and shipping costs are possible.

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