Anti rust spray prevents corrosion on metal in humid conditions

Protect your object from Irish weather with anti rust spray

Anti-rust spray is the ideal solution for both preventative maintenance and use in wet, rainy environments like we have in Ireland.  Anti rust spraying is carried out in a wide range of engineering markets, including oil and gas, construction, petrochemical and marine.  But of course it is also the number one do it yourself spray coating in the automotive industry. 

And that’s no wonder.

Anti rust spray (also known as anti corrosion spray) Provides superior lubrication and long-term rust prevention to all metals subjected to rust and salt corrosion.

It is also an excellent rust inhibitor and lubricant for extending the life of metal parts and electrical components. As an added benefit it also prevents future moisture contamination. A few more benefits:

  • Protect tools, machinery and general equipment over long periods of downtime
  • Preserves engine blocks, pistons and components from atmospheric rusting
  • Easy to apply aerosol – for controlled anti rust spray application
  • Non-conductive rust inhibitors
  • Safe to use on most other surfaces as well including rubber, fabric, plastics and paints.

How to apply anti rust spray

It’s far less time consuming to prevent rust in the first place than to wait and deal with the rust itself. Anti rust spray is a corrosion protectant that lasts up to a year. There are different application methods to apply the spray. The right application method depends on the type and purpose of the coating. Here are a few examples:

A Rusty bolt can be prevented with anti rust spray

A Rusty bolt can be prevented with anti rust spray

Anti Rust Spray for Cars, Trucks and Boats: Clean your car or other vehicle regularly and follow up with directly spraying on rims, motor parts, engines, fuel lines, the chassis and other metal areas of the vehicle. Pay extra attention to spray it into narrow spaces. Re- apply regularly.

Prevent Rust on objects around the House: Clean existing rust with a rust removing liquid and let dry completely. Apply the aerosol spray evenly by following the instructions on the spraycan.

Industrial grade protection: contact a professional so the right corrosion inhibitor product is used and followed up by a heavy duty rust prevention treatment. Need help selecting a specialist near you? Contact us and we’ll match your product to a local coating partner in Ireland.

Expert tip: If you wish to selectively cover small parts, spray it on a small paint brush and then apply it with this brush

Anti rust spray products in Ireland for cars and other vehicles

There are many available anti rust spray products for application on metal parts from motorcycles, cars and bikes. For an overview of which products are on the market, please see the table below:

Anti Rust Spray Brand Price (RRP) EX VATSubstrate
Haupa 170164 HUPrustEx€7,56 400mlStuck screws, corroded connections, nuts, bolts, joints
ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula€19,90 400mlFerrous and non-ferrous metals, electrical systems and electronic components
Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Spray€13,80 400mlIron, steel, even on existing rust
Finol De-Watering Anti-Rust Agent€6,15 400mlIron, steel
Q Oils Q30 Super Protective Film€18,45 400mlSteel, brass hinges, handles and hardware, electrical connections, hydraulic fittings
Scotchkote 1600€15,80 400mlPipes and supports, electronical switches and controls

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