A wall without anti graffiti paint is hard to clean after tagging

Anti graffiti paint protects your property from vandals

“Think Don’t Tag” may be the message Irish councils are trying to spread, but graffiti is still a big problem in Ireland. If caught, graffiti vandals could face up to €2000 in fines, but that didn’t stop them causing nearly €500,000 worth of graffiti removal costs for Irish Rail in 2016 alone. Trains, cities, and private residences all suffer with unwanted graffiti, some of which can be highly offensive. Graffiti lowers the value of real estate, costs time and money to remove, and is often just an unappealing nuisance. Fortunately, anti graffiti paint makes removing graffiti easier and more affordable.

This article will provide you with what you need to know to determine whether anti graffiti paint is the solution you are looking for, and which product best solves your problem.

Two anti graffiti coating systems to choose from

Anti graffiti coatings are substances which form a protective layer on a substrate where graffiti is likely to appear. Thanks to the coating, the graffiti remains on the coating layer instead of the substrate, making it easy to wash the graffiti off with high pressure, hot water and soap. The Kildare County Council has a helpful leaflet about preventing and removing graffiti.

Anti graffiti coating comes in two forms which are suitable for almost any substrate. Which form you choose depends upon the likelihood of your property suffering with graffiti vandalism.

  1. Sacrificial anti graffiti paint
    Facts: Cheapest option, based on wax, one time protection
    Recommended for: Surfaces at low to middle risk of graffiti (houses, public benches, garage doors and so on)
    Description: Sacrificial or temporary anti graffiti paint is usually a silicone wax which washes off together with the graffiti. It forms a protective film to which the graffiti can adhere without reaching the underlying substrate. As the coating is sacrificial, it needs to be reapplied after removing graffiti.
  2. Permanent anti graffiti paint
    Facts: More expensive, based on nanotechnology, protection up to 8 years
    Recommended for: Surfaces that are likely to experience graffiti frequently (public buildings, schools, alleyways, bridges and railway walls)
    Description: Permanent anti graffiti coatings (non-sacrificial) make use of nanotechnology, which allows the coating to become one with the substrate. These coatings form a water repellent surface where the graffiti spray paint, permanent markers, or ink cannot properly adhere. The permanent anti graffiti paint remains functional for 5 to 8 years and endures some 70 graffiti removals.

Anti graffiti paint for concrete, wood, and metal

Graffiti proof paint will adhere to many substrates including wood and metal. Ideal for benches, bridges, vehicles stairs, garden ornaments and fences. Graffiti can be washed away from these substrates simply and quickly with nothing more than tap water. Below a guideline for each substrate:

Hot water and soap are enough for removing graffiti from anti graffiti coating surface.

Hot water is enough for removing graffiti from anti graffiti coating surface.

  • Wood
    There are waxes and permanent systems for hard and soft wood. If you want the natural appearance of the wood to stay visible, opt for a clear system. However, anti graffiti paint does not prevent natural graying of the wood. When you do not want discoloration to show an opaque system is a better choice.
    Surfaces: doors, facades, street furniture, fences and gates 
  • Metal
    Anti graffiti coating for metal surfaces is most often a permanent opaque or transparent nano coating system. Some waxes are also possible, but often not convenient because they do not adhere that good. And, if you choose to coat the substrate of your choosing with a permanent anti graffiti coating, you get all the benefits that a nano based coatings have to offer. This includes enhanced durability and protection from corrosion.
    Surfaces: exteriors of trains, tubes and buses as well as metal doors and sidings
  • Concrete (masonry, stucco, bricks etc.)
    The most common choice of anti graffiti paint for concrete is clear permanent system. However, clear and sacrificial systems are also applicable.
    Surfaces: bridges, facades, walls, fences and underground tunnels and stations

Anti graffiti paint price – product overview

Below are a few available products in Ireland. Keep in mind that the practical coverage depends on the kind of substrate. Concrete for example is more poreus than metal and therefor absorbs more of the product. Always follow the  manufacturer’s advice when it comes to the compatibility of the substrate and the coating.

Smart acrylic epoxy coating – anti graffitiPermanentAll (metal, plastic, wood, concrete)€161,21 4L8-10 m²/L
GRATCH Hydro SP Anti-Graffiti ImpregnationPermanentPorous substrates (concrete, stone etc.)€205,80 10L2 m²/L
Petersons Premier Anti Graffiti Coating MattPermanentWood€250.00 5L8 m²/L
Graffiti magic external anti-graffiti CoatingPermanent Porous substrates (concrete, stone etc.)€113.40 5L4 m²/L
Urban HygieneSacrificialAll (metal, plastic, wood, concrete)€60.00 5L2-6 m²/L

Anti graffiti paint Ireland – Company overview

Here are few local companies in Ireland that manufacture, supply or apply protection against graffiti. If you need large quantities of anti graffiti paint or if you are in need of industrial grade protection, please contact us for a free quote.

Anti Graffiti Coating CompanyLocationServices Provided
Graffiti SolutionsTrinity St, DublinGraffiti removal and anti graffiti coating specialists
P Mac LtdHarold’s Cross, DublinGraffiti removal and anti-graffiti coating application company
Phoenix Irish PaintsSandyford Industrial Estate, DublinGraffiti Magic manufacturer
Smart GraffitiIreland-wideManufactures anti graffiti coatings and graffiti removers
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