Coating steel on steel structures in buildings protect against corrosion

Coating steel Ireland; for industrial use

Industrial steel coating aims at cost efficient solutions which protect steel substrates from deterioration by providing maximum durability with minimum need for maintenance. It goes without saying here that corrosion protection plays a particularly major role

To protect steel from corrosion due to weather conditions, other environmental hazards and industrial chemicals it can be treated with various steel coatings.

Steel coating is also used to repair parts. This is generally less expensive than replacing them, and because coatings can often be applied on-site, it can also be faster and more efficient, with minimal equipment downtime.

Coating steel with 5 different methods

To enlarge the durability of steel parts, preserving is very important. Five different preserving methods exist:

Galvanising steel parts by dipping them in a bath of molten zinc

Galvanising steel parts can be done by dipping steel in a bath of molten zinc

  1. Shot-blasting and miniating: offers protection during transports and short periods outside
  2. Wet painting: alkyd resin, epoxy or polyurethane spray paint is applied to the materials
  3. Powdercoatingan environmental-friendly process whereby a powder layer is cured in an oven
  4. Galvanising: where a piece of steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc
  5. Metal spraying and duplex systems: the most durable application of coating colours preventing corrosion

You can coat steel with these (and other) method to achieve the specific result you require. Whether you want to restore steel to new-like levels, enhance their performance or greater wear resistance and durability, coating steel is the way to go. A steel coating contractor will always work with you to determine the best coating materials, method and cost effective solution.

Fact: Metal is often used as a synonym for Steel, but they are not the same. Iron is a metal, just like copper, tin and silver metals. Steel is iron, but has an addition of 0.1 to 1.7 percent carbon. Therefore, steel is an alloy between iron and carbon.

Steel coatings with special purposes

Next to preserving, you can coat steel with conductive, dielectric, or thermal barrier coatings that enhance their performance in challenging or specialized applications. For example, intumescent paint for steel. This fireproofing coating expands when exposed to high temperatures.

Another example is conductive coating for steel. This coating is electrically or thermally conductive. Thus enhancing the conductive properties of a substrate or preventing electrostatic discharge.

Companies for steel coating in Ireland

In the following table you can find local companies for steel coating. Ofcourse, your steel product requires unique thicknesses, colors, finishes, thermal qualities and more. We can help you connect with one of our specialist partners, so you will achieve the best product performance in a cost effective way. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Industrial & Protective Coatings Ltd.
Unit 9, Ashbourne Business Centre, Ashbourne, Co.
Meath, Ireland
Stafford Engineering Ltd.
Unit 12, Parkmore Industrial estate, Long Mile Road
Dublin 12, Ireland
Sprint Coatings Ltd.
Unit 620 Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin
Dublin 15, Ireland
Static Industrial Coatings Ltd.
141 Huntly Rd, Banbridge BT32 3UA Northern Ireland
J.S. McCarthy ltd.
First Floor, Ballymount Retail Centre, Ballymount Road Lower Dublin 24, D24 ED81, Ireland
New Guard Coatings Ltd.
38 Main St, Swords Glebe, Swords, Co.
Dublin, K67 E0A2, Ireland
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